About our client

Our client has leading positions in most of Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

Trust our experience that we have gained at global level.

Global reach

Operations in 70 countries and sales worldwide

Our client has operations in over 70 countries and sales worldwide. Global expansion takes place through organic growth and acquisitions. For several years the Group has focused on increasing its market presence in emerging markets.

A constant flow of new, innovative and sustainable products.

Demand for our client’s products is driven by the increasing need for safety and security as prosperity rises and urbanization continues. In addition, the demand for sustainable door opening solutions is growing, at the same time that technological developments increase the demand for digital and mobile security solutions.

Global strategy

Leading the trend.

The Group’s strategic direction is to lead the trend towards the world's most innovative and well-designed access solutions. Our purpose is to help people feel safe, secure and experience a more open world. Our core values, beliefs and strategic objectives help guide our way.